WPC Poker Chips Set - 300 Piece Numbered Poker Set (Free Accessories)

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Weights and Dimensions:

Product Weight: 12 kgs
Dimensions: 39 x 23 x 7cm
Warranty: 12 month warranty

Product Description:

This numbered poker chips set has been specifically designed for use in home games, pub poker tournaments and amateur poker leagues. The professional poker chips included are great quality and offer unbeatable value for money. These 11.5g numbered poker chips look seriously stylish and have denominations printed on both sides for ease of use during play. The breakdown of chip denominations in each poker set has been carefully chosen to meet the requirements of a “Freezeout” style tournament, where blinds are increasing at set time intervals, and for cash game play.  This 300 piece poker set is ideal for a 2+ (max 6) person single table poker tournament and will suit most standard tournament structures. These numbered poker chips are manufactured by Riverboat Gaming, the #1 supplier in the UK.

This poker chipset includes the following free accessories!

  • FREE: 2 packs of 100% plastic playing cards (not plastic coated or card as you will find in most chipsets)
  • FREE: Professional Size Dealer button  (not the small plastic button often included)
  • FREE: Electronic Blind Timer
  • FREE: Blind, kill and missed blind buttons

Each 300pc poker chip set contains the following colours / numbers:

Black poker chips numbered 100 (x 100)
Purple poker chips numbered 500 (x 100)
Yellow poker chips numbered 1000 (x 75)
Grey poker chips numbered 5000 (x 25)

Product Details

  • World Poker Club 11.5 gram 300 piece numbered poker chips set
  • High grade clay composite material for better quality, durability and feel in the hand.
  • Deluxe casino case is lockable with 2 sets of keys provided
  • Includes a set of standard dice
  • Manufactured to high specifications to ensure they will withstand long term use.
  • Case also has extra inner foam insert which sits on top of the chips to hold them in place and give added protection

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